Leuzinger High School Class of 1981
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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Club: Music That Made Us Rock
Music in the 1980's was representative of it's place and time, and was certainly a direct descendent of the Rock & Roll industry which began in the 1950's. Diverse groups of music genres exploded onto the scene. A great deal of 1980's music had it roots firmly stemming from the late 1970's Punk and Disco movements; however, the technology of electronic music opened many new avenues for a tired Rock & Roll industry. The Youth of the 80's was disillusioned with the music industries' answer for Pop, and they sought out original and often shocking forms of music to fill this void.......

Be sure to check out the 'music that made us rock' photo gallery!

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Topic Name Author Posts Last Post
'Hemispheres' by RUSH Frank Markow
05-07-2010 08:03pm
After The Break-up, The Beatles Continue Their Influence Terrence Poublon
08-15-2008 01:33pm
Turning Japanese - The Vapors 1979-1981 Terrence Poublon
03-18-2006 02:26pm
Pink Floyd:The Wall (Payout leaves them kids alone) Terrence Poublon
01-15-2006 03:45am
BLONDIE's 'Call Me'... 1980s American Gigolo Terrence Poublon
01-12-2006 10:50am
Michael Jackson's 'Off The Wall' Terrence Poublon
01-11-2006 09:52pm

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