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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Club: Movies and Films

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The Terminal
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Terrence Poublon
10-25-2005 12:51pm
As a director, Steven Spielberg is very good at showing human emotion on film for the past 20 years.  His movies are touching and realistic when it comes to the passion of human nature.  Together with Tom Hanks, Spielberg brings forth more than just a movie about a man stuck in an airport terminal.  You will eventually get lost in the terminal with this simple man named Viktor Navorski.

The movie starts off with 'Navorski' arriving in New York from Eastern Europe.  His country has been taken over by a military coup.  His passport and visa now become invalid, which leaves him as a man without a country.  Until his country's government regains power and is able re-establish his nation of origin, Viktor is left to roam the airport terminal.

With no money, Viktor quickly learns tricks of survival such as returning airport rent-a-carts for 25 cents each so that he purchase a meal.  Slowly, he learns some much needed English.  He befriends the people who work at the airport and eventually becomes somewhat of a celebrity.  He helps another foreign traveler-in-need fight the airport bureaucracy.  And, he does some matchmaking for a lovesick employee.  There is even a childlike romance between him and a United Airlines flight attendant played by Catherine Zeta Jones.  All the while, an airport official schemes to get rid of him at all costs.  

Hanks is brilliant as the Russian immigrant.  His portrayal is subtle, but strong enough to make you believe that his character is real.  He and a small cast of misfits carry the story's pace and momentum.  I won't give away the purpose of his trip to New York, but it is a very beautiful and sentimental reason.  

I've loved many of Tom Hank's movies ever since his first big hit 'Splash'.   He enjoys his craft of acting, and it shows in this film.  Enjoy 'The Terminal'.

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Club: Movies and Films | Post Reply Page: 1

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