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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Club: Music That Made Us Rock

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BLONDIE's 'Call Me'... 1980s American Gigolo
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Terrence Poublon
01-06-2006 01:11pm
Blondie was the best band of the New Wave Punk era. They did everything that interested them -- including reggae and disco. Whatever they did, it all came out sounding great.

It was in 1973, at New York's Boburn Tavern, that former Playboy bunny waitress Deborah Harry met guitarist Chris Stein. She was performing as one-third of The Stilettos, who played trashy girl-group tributes. Chris joined their drifting troupe of backing musicians, but soon lured Debbie away to form a new group. After using various names, they adopted the one that truck drivers shouted at Debbie in the street... Blondie.

They collected a big following and in 1976 they recorded their first album 'Blondie'. It was released in 1977 and was well received. After a successful stint in L.A., the band toured in support of Iggy Pop and David Bowie. It wasn't until 1979 that they had their first #1 US hit with 'Heart of Glass'. In March 1980, they hit #1 in the U.S. a second time with 'Call Me', from the film American Gigolo.

Debbie Harry became the prototype for successive strong women in popular music such as Madonna, Courtney Love, and Gwen Stefani. Up to that point, rock had been a heavily male-dominated field, with women trivialized as backup singers or groupies. Many women musicians have acknowledged Debbie Harry's pioneering role.

Richard Gere became a star thanks to his performance in the 1980 sleazy hit 'American Gigolo'. Who could forget the opening scene of Gere driving in his Mercedes down the highway? Gere plays Julian Kaye, a Beverly Hills resident who loves women. He admires women who have an appetite for sex. He has his own mansion, an expensive car, an expensive wardrobe, and good looks.

He meets the wife of a senator, and his affections for her changes his life... until he is framed in a murder case.  As Julian tries to find the guy who is responsible for the framing (a notorious pimp), he becomes wanted by the police. Things become more difficult when the pimp himself is murdered, and Julian finds that he could face prison time.

Trivia: Julie Christie originally was to play the role of the politician's wife when Richard Gere was attached to the project, but she backed out when Gere was replaced by John Travolta. Travolta later dropped out and Gere was hired for the film, but Christie was not offered the role that was eventually played by Lauren Hutton.

Re: BLONDIE's 'Call Me'... 1980s American Gigolo
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Mike Phineas
01-11-2006 11:33am
Great piece... I'll never forget the night one of the networks did a special on Blondie, and their new song 'Rapture.' Of course, this introduced the new fad called Rap music.

Re: BLONDIE's 'Call Me'... 1980s American Gigolo
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Terrence Poublon
01-12-2006 10:50am
Blondie was a great group that won over my mom with songs like 'The Tide Is High' and 'Heart of Glass'. She went out and purchased the single versions on 45's.  Even with the the slight hiss and pops of the old phonograph stereo, it still sounded fantastic!

Club: Music That Made Us Rock | Post Reply Page: 1

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