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Leuzinger High School Class of 1981 - Club: Music That Made Us Rock

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'Hemispheres' by RUSH
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Frank Markow
01-09-2006 09:42pm
I cannot remember any of the song titles - they were all esoteric sci-fi names. Rush was a Canadian power trio, featuring Alex Lifeson on guitar, Getty Lee on bass, and Neil Peart on drums. They were all phenomenal musicians. That's about all I remember, though tons is available about them on the web, and I think they are still popular among some folks.

This album rocked my world the entire senior year (79/80). If you were unfortunate enough to be stuck in Mr. Reynolds 'Bach to Rock' music appreciation class when I was the teacher's aide, you had to endure this progressive rock several times.

Hemispheres is an album that combines the best elements of Rush in a perfect blend. On Hemispheres, they featured adventurous power rock and strong synths that added that little something extra... while still using it sparingly.

Rush remains to this day a very special band, not in the least because the line-up hasn't changed in any way since 1974, which can be considered a rarity in the otherwise quite volatile world of prog rock!

Re: 'Hemispheres' by RUSH
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Terrence Poublon
01-10-2006 11:51am
1978 marked the beginning of a very dark period for progressive rock. The punk scene had arrived, bent on destroying everything and everyone that crossed its path, and established institutions like the existing music scene were an immediate target.

A band called 'Genesis' (Phil Collins) started to show cracks in their steadfastness as a champion of progressive rock.  They started to veer away, and moved into the world of pop music.  Pink Floyd was suffering from internal strife which lead to the band falling apart a few years later.  New prog rock bands found it hard to secure recording deals.  

Out of Canada appeared RUSH.  They played a music that was a cross between heavy metal and art rock.  

Re: 'Hemispheres' by RUSH
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Mike Phineas
01-11-2006 11:32am
I also remember the band Rush very well... At the time, I did not consider them anything but heavy metal. Anyone who ever heard the album 'All the World's A Stage' may also attest to that. But upon it's release they did veer in a new direction. In fact, on the album sleeve the band included a note to its fans, explaining that they would be heading in a new direction musically. Progressive or not, that band rocked. I personally liked 'Farewell to Kings,' which had the tunes Xanadu, Closer to the Heart, and Cygnus X-1 on it. Though like Frank, I wore out Hemispheres as well. Is there a better Alex Lifeson guitar solo than La Villa Strangiatta?

Like I said, I always considered this band of the heaviest metal. I'll never forget how I missed my ride, and took a bus straight through south central LA as a fourteen year old to see them at Long Beach Arena in November of 1978. The next year they to hit the road on the Hemispheres Tour. Frank, do you remember how you, Tom, and Al went to see them at all three venues they played? Brian Akamine and I hit the San Bernardino Swing show on that Friday night with you guys. I remember they opened with 2112, and blew my freaking socks off. After that night I was jealous as you guys went to see them in Long Beach and also at the LA Forum. Tom made a bootleg tape of the show that I listened to the rest of that year. Ah the memories...

Re: 'Hemispheres' by RUSH
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Frank Markow
05-07-2010 08:03pm
Mike, how could I forget the year we saw Rush three times?!?! I don;t recall all the details, but I too remember them opening in SB with 2112 and being blown away - maybe one of the most amazing musical experiences of my youth. I have a vague memory - did you ride in the back of Tom's truck out to that show?? Hey, speaking of shows, you must have went with us to Cal Jam 2...? That was some spectacle. I don't remember much of that one except being so far away I could not see a thing, and leavin when Mohagany Rush came n, I was so tired by that point...

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